Home Health Care Bethel


Paraprofessional Sara Smith Client Suzanne Lenker

RVNA has home health care Bethel, and surrounding towns with a registered nurse available 24-hours a day for at-home care Bethel.

Join RVNA’s “Circle of Caring.”  

We provide home health care Bethel to you regardless of where you are; at home, hospital, rehabilitation center, assisted living, skilled care facility.

Our team of skilled, home health care Bethel professionals includes:

  • Registered Nurse Case Management
  • Primary Care Nursing
  • Specialty Nursing including; Transitional Care [from one setting to another], Chronic Disease Management Specialty Programs, Behavioral Health Nursing, Maternal/Child Health Nursing
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapist
  • Medical Social Worker/Care Management

RVNA’s home health care Bethel Paraprofessionals include:

  1. Certified Nursing Assistants
  2. Live-in’s
  3. Home Makers

Physical Therapy Home Health Services

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Physical Therapy Home Health Services areas of expertise include the following:

  1. Seven days a week physical therapy
  2. Pre-Operative home safety evaluation
  3. CPM Machine management
  4. Home Health Navigator [visits in the hospital]
  5. Physical Therapy weekend visits
  6. Lymphedema Certified Trained Therapists
  7. RVNA member of Continuum of Care
  8. Occupational Therapist-post-operative-ADL training
  9. Vestibular Rehabilitation program
  10. Home healthcare aides